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How to get out of bed properly with a bad back

Low back tender? Learn how to get out of bed without making it worse.

However you sleep – on your stomach, back or side, this is the best way to get out of bed:

  1. Get on your side next to the edge of the bed.

  2. Bend both knees and hips then swing them over the edge of the bed.

  3. While your legs drop towards the floor, push off the bed with the top arm. The leg swing will help the arm push the body into the vertical position.

  4. Try not to kick you legs out to help yourself up.

  5. Keep core tight by pulling in your belly button.

  6. Do not lean forward as this will put extra pressure on the low back.

  7. Get up slowly to keep yourself from becoming light-headed. It takes a second for the blood to catch up to your head when you go from horizontal to vertical.

  8. Stop in the seated position for a few moments, then stand up.

Start your day right by taking care of your body from the beginning of the day!


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