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 R. Querry PT, PhD


Recently, I had the opportunity to evaluate the StandUPStr8 posture re-education device and exercise program in the clinic. After using device the first day on real people with real issues, I saw it was successful in my 3 main areas of concern:

1. The StandUPStr8 was effective. I was able to see significant change in multiple individuals muscle recruitment patterns and posture within the first exercise session;

2. The StandUpStr8 was simple to use. The way the StandUPStr8 is designed, and the straightforward instructions for how to use it allowed for individuals who have never used the device to become comfortable with the exercises literally in 5 minutes;

3. The StandUPStr8 can be used by individuals daily with their regular activities, as well as integrated into their exercise programs. The ability of being able to use the StandUPStr8 frequently in the real world…at work, at home, or at the gym was critical.

Sometimes, the simplest of designs are the most effective. The results on individuals who used the StandUpStr8 over several weeks were excellent. I give a big thank you to Ken Belveal, the inventor of the StandUPStr8 on developing a device that can have such an impact on improving lives. I give my professional endorsement of the StandUPStr8 for any individual who is looking for a simple but effective solution to improve their posture.

Vertical Panel A. It is the baseline measurements from asking someone to “pull your shoulder blades back”. The key things that we see as they contract are the overuse of the upper muscle, and a delay in actually engaging the lower muscle. This is typical for individuals who have poor posture and poor body awareness of how to engage the mid back muscles.

Vertical Panel B. These graphs show the effect of one training session using the StandUPStr8 in the instructed exercises of the program. The key elements to notice are that even after one training session, there is now a significant reduction in the amount of the upper muscle activation, and a significant increase in the activation of the lower muscle. This is excellent evidence of a retraining that has already occurred just with one session of using the StandUPStr8.

Vertical Panel C. These graphs show the significant improvements in the postural muscle control after using the StandUPStr8 program for 2 weeks. When individuals are asked to “pull your shoulder blades back”, they use very little of the upper muscle and a significant and timely activation of the lower muscle. This is the long-term kind of muscle recruitment pattern that will lead to changes in posture and a reduction of muscle strain and tension.




While I wasn’t able to test the StandUpStr8 for the full 12 weeks, I did manage to spend 4 weeks with it before having to move on to my next product review.

The StandUpStr8 arrived in a long and narrow box and came complete with directions for use. It was shipped 2 day priority mail via USPS.

After receiving, I unpacked it, read over the instruction, made some adjustments and started using it the following day.

I found the first time using it to be almost too easy and I was interested in seeing faster results so I decided to start with 9 reps, 7 seconds each instead of the 5 reps, 5 seconds. By slightly increasing the reps and time spent doing each rep, I started to notice some results after the first couple of days. After using, I noticed a reduction in shoulder tension and could feel my trapezius muscle being targeted. This workout continued every other day after work for the first week and then I increased to 11 reps 7 seconds the second week. I slowly progressed until I reached ten, nine second reps by the end of the fourth week.

I typically do not spend much time working my traps at the gym and this product allowed me to focus on this area and helped to strengthen this muscle group. I could feel a noticeable difference in shoulder and neck tension as I was using the StandUpStr8 and saw signs of postural improvement after about 3 weeks of use.

While I’m certainly not a gym rat, I’ve used a few different types of resistance band training equipment such as this one. Quality-wise, this product is built to stand the test of time and should last for several years.

Recommendation (YES)

While not a posture brace, the StandUpStr8 serves as a high quality resistance trainer that effectively targets the trapezius, the muscle that is primarily responsible for posture.

It was developed by a seasoned personal trainer with over 20 years experience who has made a career out of helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Strengthening the postural muscles by exercising on a regular basis provides long-term benefits that include less neck and back pain as well as better posture. This product assists by helping you target this area. The exercise program is not difficult and takes up very little time.

Unfortunately, as with any other self-improvement effort, this solution requires some degree of commitment. It’s not as simple as strapping on a support and going about your day. If you are willing to spend a couple minutes each day preforming these exercises while sticking to the progressive workout schedule, you will see improvement after a few weeks of use.

If you are the type of person who has a basement full of As Seen On TV ThighMasters, Shake Weights, and ab rollers that have only been used once, you might want to save your money and search elsewhere for a solution.

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