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Damon D., dancer

“I tried it for about 20 seconds and knew this would work. One week later all I can say is, this thing works!! I can already feel the difference and I keep it with me everywhere I go.”

Johannes W., web designer

“Recently I was used as an example during a meeting for my good posture. They mentioned that because I was sitting up straight, I looked more alert and interested. As a result of improving my posture,”

“Great for correcting posture and easy to use. Helps with back hunch, pain and mobility.”

Mark H., entreprenuer

"I have used Stand Up Str8 to help me counter the effects of aging and having a desk job for 40 years. Here is the long and short of it. It takes no time to use. It makes me feel better, stronger and taller. I like how I walk and feel after I am done. Simple genius!"

Bonnie B.,office worker

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