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New Year, New You!

Well, it's 2022! Last year went by like a flash. Did you do anything to correct your posture to ease the tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders? If the answer is no, now is the perfect time to get started. After all, new year, new you!

Good posture for the upper back, I'm talking that rounded shoulder, hunched position we get these days from the work you do on the computer or hand-held devices, involves strengthening and stretching opposite muscle groups in the upper thoracic region.

Here's the formula for improving your posture, getting strong and becoming flexible:

1. Releasing and and stretching your chest loosens the anterior muscle group allowing the posterior muscle group to more easily do their jobs.

2. Strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades will not only get you toned muscles but once those muscles are strong they hold your shoulder blades in place which helps take stress off other places that shouldn't be working that hard, like your neck. The Hands-Free Middle Back Strengthener does just that with a minimum of time.

You can get your Hands-Free Middle Back Strengthener here.


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