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8 Commonly Held Assumptions About Health/Fitness

  1. If you exercise you can look like Adonis. Even though exercise firms the body, it cannot transform everyone into the aesthetically alluring person of their dreams. Being physically active will not alter a person's basic genetics. Most of an individual's looks and appearance are determined at birth.

  2. People who do not exercise regularly are lazy. An individual's inactivity may be the result of a variety of factors. For example, a person may view exercise as either pointless or too difficult to start at this stage of their life, or they may perceive exercise as something started by those who are already relatively fit.

  3. The more money someone spends on their health/fitness, the better the results. Needlessly spending money is simply wasteful. For example, overpriced workout gear will not make exercising more beneficial.

  4. The physical effects of aging are inevitable. Not true. In reality, aging can be a choice. The presumed consequences of living a longer life (i.e. impaired gait, diminished level of fitness, etc.) are not due to aging but a decision to be less physically active. The resultant sedentary lifestyle leads to a variety of age-related physical ailments.

  5. The more complicated the exercise regimen, the better the outcomes. Not true, as a rule. With all factors considered, exercise is both straightforward and relatively simple. The human body responds to the stresses imposed on it in a fairly predictable manner. Simple movements are just as beneficial as complicated ones.

  6. Fad diets promote big results. As a rule, these dietary regimens promise amazing results, such as quick weight loss. In reality, most individuals can lose weight on almost any dietary plan. The key is to sustain the loss and to do so without compromising the person's health. Fad diets fail on both counts causing the person to gain more weight than they lose.

  7. Exercise-related injuries only affect other people. The truth is no one is invincible. Even hardcore exercise enthusiasts can be injured if they unduly stress their bodies. The key for exercisers is to be aware of and watch for signs that they may be working out too strenuously. signs include high levels of lethargy, poor sleep, aching muscles, irritability, and loss of appetite.

  8. Exercise burns a lot of calories. Most people overestimate the number of calories they expend while exercising. The average 1 hr workout burns between 300-400 calories. this about the same as 2 oz of potato chips or one hamburger without condiments. It takes a lot of exercise to burn a lot of calories.

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