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3 necessary items for a comfortable home office

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

You’re working from home and it’s starting to negatively affect your neck and upper back. What do you do to combat this? Here are 3 necessary items for a comfortable home office (whether it’s in your office or your kitchen table):

  1. A monitor that you can easily move – whether you have a PC or a laptop, having a screen that you can move up or down is a necessity. The top of your screen should be level with your eyes. This keeps your head level and the pressure from tilting forward off your neck. A movable screen allows you keep it at eye level whether you are standing (put it on the microwave in the kitchen) or sitting.

  2. A separate keyboard – laptops are nice and easy to move around but are hard on the neck and wrists if you work for prolonged periods of time. You’re either tilting your head forward or lifting your hands too high. The correct forearm placement is parallel to the floor. This places the least amount of stress on the muscles of the hand and wrist. Having a separate keyboard allows the hands placement to be unrelated to the monitor and is best for proper ergonomics.

  3. A document holder – Head tilting is a problem if you do a lot of reading and typing at the same time. Moving your head slightly side to side is easier on your neck and upper back than tilting your chin up and down. Make sure to have the document holder the same height as your monitor.

Make these three changes and you will ease a lot of discomfort in your neck and upper back!


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