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Neck Pain


This book is a step-by-step guide to elimination of aches and pains in the neck caused by poor posture.


We live in a society ruled by technology - We use smart phones, tablets, and personal computers and we spend a lot of time driving


What do these things have in common?  They require you to have your hands in front of you which causes rounded shoulders and a slouched posture.  Place on top of that the forward bend in the neck we inadvertently let ourselves fall into and you have a recipe for tight and short muscles on the front of your upper body and weak and long muscles on the back of your upper body.


Over time, the muscles in the back start to ache and become sore. This can cause headaches, limited range of motion, and tingling or numbness.  All of these ultimately lead to a diminished quality of life.


This eBook contains steps necessary to relieve your neck pain associated with poor posture.  It does that with a four-step process:


  • Static release – minimizes trigger points and adhesions
  • Dynamic release – breaks up the stickiness of the muscle through a range of motion
  • Strengthen – allows the muscle to better handle the stresses placed upon it
  • Stretch – allows the muscle to track through a larger range of motion without injury


Each step includes videos for further explanation and each chapter focuses on a different part of the neck depending on your symptoms.  Follow each step to get rid of pain and live the quality of life you deserve!

Neck Pain - A guide to elimination of aches and pains caused by poor posture

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