Tips for a Healthier Back

Back pain is caused by poor posture, inflammatory arthritis, fracture, injuries (falls, accidents, sports), infection, joint stiffness and pain, obesity, psychological stress, kidney stones, kidney infections, blood clots, bone loss, and more. Back pain is the leading cause of missed work and billions are spent annually for relief. If you suffer from back pain, it’s time to eliminate it from your daily routine.

There is generally a lower risk of injury to the middle and upper back than the lower back because movement is limited in comparison. However many people suffer from middle and upper back pain on a daily basis. Lower back pain is more common simply because this area of the back moves much more than the middle and upper back. The middle and upper back is responsible for keeping the back stable to allow us to stand up straight and to also help protect vital internal organs in the chest.

Follow these tips for a healthier back to stop pain before it starts: be aware of your posture and stand up straight, sit up straight, keep proper placement of your desk, sleep on a medium firm mattress to minimize any curve in your spine, stay active, avoid prolonged inactivity, stretch, exercise, get a gentle back massage, wear comfortable low heeled shoes, while carrying objects keep the item close to your body and lift with your knees, avoid twisting when lifting and do not smoke.

The Stand Up Str8 posture corrector will eliminate your middle and upper back pain. Stand Up Str8 is not a posture brace and is not to be worn. Stand Up Str8 is an easy-to-use, non-strenuous exercise device designed to strengthen the muscles of the middle back to eliminate neck pain, back pain and tension headaches. Using the Stand Up Str8 just two minutes a day can eliminate your middle and upper back pain. Use the Stand Up Str8 and follow these tips for a healthier back.

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